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Welcome to Neurodiversity Hub

At VA Matchmaking Services, we understand the unique challenges faced by neurodiverse business owners.

That's why we offer a range of services tailored specifically to our clients' needs.

Our team of specialist VAs are experienced in working with neurodiverse clients, providing a supportive and understanding environment that allows our clients to thrive.


Have Access to Work funding?

Do you already have Access to Work funding and need to find a VA?

We can help you with minimal fuss.


We can have a call and discuss further or just send us your access to work information – such as hours, approved rate, and support you need help with and we can send you a few VA options consisting of CVs and videos.

Looking for support through Access to Work?

We have developed a support procedure tailored specifically to managing the complete process from the beginning to  end, of the UK Government's “Access to Work” process and beyond, so you don’t have to do it.

​I have dedicated VAs to take you through the process and to sit in on calls, and to help complete the forms and paperwork.

I will then supply you with a couple of CVs and videos of suggested VAs based on your requirements.

The Process

  1. Choose which VAs to interview and I will sit in on these with you for support.

  2. Once your VA is chosen – I will send you both an agreement to sign.

  3. You will then have singular contact with your chosen VA.

  4. VA Matchmaking Services will provide you with the management of your online portal submissions for the Governments Access to Work" Scheme.

  5. VA Matchmaking Services central information and management hub is open for any questions and support, you or your VA may require.

Are you an ADHD or Neurodiversity Coach?

Would you like to add a further service to your package? Coaching and Admin support?


I am happy to partner with coaches to help you offer a full package to your clients. I will work with you to create the best proposal to compliment your coaching styles and suggestions. Would you like to have a chat?

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Contact the Neurodiverse Hub today 

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